Ellington Farmers Market Guidelines & Signup Form

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 Market Guidelines

  1. Farmers Market will open at 8am, the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month, June-September. Close at 12pm.
  2. There is no cost for a booth, however reservations are required and must be approved.
  3. Vendors will be provided a 10 x 10 location, electric is available, but we must be notified in advance.
  4. Vendor must be set up by 8am. Vendor must provide their own tables and chairs. Vendor area must be kept clean and vendor must remove everything at the end of each market.
  5. Vendor must be from the local area, selling items from the Local Area. Please state where items are grown. Local is considered within a 200 mile radius.
  6. Produce (fresh vegetables & fruits), local honey, jams, jelly, nuts, plants, and “Cottage Food” products are welcome.
    • Honey, jams, jellies and acidic foods can be sold, but State regulations must be followed. Items must be labeled with producer’s name and address. New jars, lids, and rings must be used.
    • Processed goods sold at the Market may be sold only if they are processed within the twelve months prior to the date of sale.
    • Baked goods should be fresh. (ex. breads, cookies, fruit pies, muffins, cupcakes, etc.)
  7. Poultry & Rabbit may be sold if the producer produces less than 1,000 carcasses/yr.
    • These producers may not sell products that are adulterated (cut up).
    • These products must be kept at a proper temperature.
  8. Beef, Pork & Other Meats; must meet Missouri Department of Agriculture or USDA requirements and be maintained at a proper temperature.
  9. Caged live animals or fowl can be sold or given away but will be kept in a designated area.
  10. Commodities, such as homemade soap, laundry soap, oils, lotions, etc. are acceptable for sale as long as they are homemade.
  11. Arts and craft vendors are welcome, but will be limited. Items must be hand-crafted.
  12. Food vendors will be welcome, but will be limited.
  13. Vendors with collectible or antique items are welcome, but will be limited. All items must be clean.
  14. This is a family friendly market. Alcohol, smoking or pets are not allowed on the Main Street Pavilion during the Famers Market.
  15. Vendors will leave the parking area available nearest the pavilion for customers. Vendors may park their vehicles near the pavilion entrance(s) only to unload or load items. Loading at the end of the market may not begin until 12pm.
  16. The RCFM Committee has the right to refuse the sale of any products not deemed appropriate for the Reynolds County Farmers Market.
  17. Vendors who violate this agreement may not be permitted to return for future dates.